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Pet Meds

Why do I need to know?

Side effects of medication are little talked about during a veterinarian visit, and they dispense the Meds and give the shots.  There are many helpful websites to help you obtain this information.  It would be nice to have this information available before your pet gets an injection of some sort i.e. for allergies.  In today's day of handy internet this is possible; you can look things up on the spot.

Pet Poisoning

Were to go what to do?

When that unfortunate time happens that your pet eats or drinks something and it makes him sick, and you may, or may not, know what it was.

You can call a pet poisoning hot line.  You may be able to pre treat your dog at home on your way to your veterinarian and circumvent a major catastrophe.

Pet Food Recalls

How can I find out?

Most of the pet food stores don't keep up on Pet food recalls.

Keep yourself informed and your pet safe; get on a pet food recall E-Mailing list.

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