Know You Veterinarian - Boarding

Boarding, Vaccination’s & Cleanliness!!!

Questioning your boarding facility about vaccination requirements is an important part of pet care. Up-to-date vaccinations should be required whether the boarding facility is part of a veterinary clinic or not. Rabies, Bordetella, Parvo, and Distemper records should be required in all states, and there may be more depending on the state you live in. If a boarding facility only requires Rabies certification, ask if any other vaccination is required.

Rabies is contagious to humans & animals. The rest of the vaccinations protect your pet from other contagions carried by other pets. Some veterinary clinics only require up-to-date Rabies shots, as required by law, to protect themselves.

Any boarding facility that requires up-to-date shots and tries to keep track of when they are due is showing concern for the health of your pet and the other pets in their care. The fact that many boarding facilities will turn down business, if vaccinations have not been kept up to date, shows concern for your pet's health. A TITER Test may be accepted, by a boarding facility if due to age or some other health problems, your pet cannot be given any of the above-mentioned vaccinations.
Cleanliness is very important in a boarding facility. Having food in sealed containers keeps your pet's food fresh, and helps to prevent spills. Food and water spills should be cleaned up immediately. This will help to prevent bug and rodent infestations. When your pet has an accident, it should be cleaned up immediately, also a good boarding facility will try to be odor free. Will your facility welcome tours during all business hours? If your facility does openly give tours, please allow for some clean up going on at the time of the tour, for this is only normal.